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Rogue Officer kicked half of fleet. Check out “Attack Pattern Omega 2” and help rebuild !

Our fleet was awesome. We have a starbase at level 50 with lots of bonuses. Monday night, a rogue booted 29 of our best players. Admiralty addressed the issue, but we need help. Even if you are happy with your current fleet, referrals would still help. Thank you.


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    Thats 2 times in 2 weeks that has happened. I hope both fleets reported that player as he/she might be the same person and is just being a jerk for lolz.
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    I'm so sorry that's happened to you with all the efforts you guys must have put into your fleet. Best of luck with rebuilding. This might not be for everyone, but an idea going forward -

    We've always made every member an officer, for the fun of it. Conveniently this means nobody can be booted by anyone except for the admiral. Anyone has the ability to send invites though, so you can let people know not to invite randoms if you don't want that. To me, the risk of randoms being temporarily added is better than the risk of members being booted and having to contact them apologizing and re-inviting.

    Recently we did have a new captain who was inviting all people and changing the recommended Starbase rooms. I think they'd have dismissed whoever they felt like if they'd had the opportunity.
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    Sounds like a lot of discord going on here. Sorry to here this.
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