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Franks n Beans looking for some hot dogs

Is an Oscar Mayer wiener what you'd truly like to be? Well, FNB can't actually help with that, and you might want to consider a trip to the doctor if that's how you feel. Franks n Beans is looking for daily(ish) players that enjoy playing the game, but don't want guilt trips, additional responsibilities or a lot of requirements.

+ Fast-growing starbase (level 45, approaching 46 as of this typing!)
+ A couple hundred extra honor in your pocket every day
+ No offline or in-game chat requirements
+ No level, event, or starbase contribution requirements
+ Friendly folks who can offer advice any time

FNB's pretty much a place to be enthusiastic about the game, minus the pouring of blood, sweat, and tears. Laid back. No pressure. Bonuses. Citizenship is guaranteed!


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    This sounds awesome! Where do I sign up? Oh wait... I'm in the FNB and it IS awesome! Besides, how many fleets have Breen? One. That's how many. THIS one.

    If you're interested in joining a low pressure fleet, this is the place. Cool people with a laid back approach to having fun with the game. PM me if you are interested. I have a cousin who knows a guy who can hook you up.
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    I'll go ahead and bump the thread; the fleet would RELISH the chance to welcome you.
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    We're at 48 now, going to be 49 tomorrow, I bet. We're only about halfway full, so there's plenty of room!
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    Dane 'Glynn FuryDane 'Glynn Fury ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Join the FNB if:

    1. You don't need any more responsibilities, just want star base bonuses and occasional camaraderie
    2. You don't want to be obligated to chat
    3. You appreciate classic comedies (Blown Up Sir!), Tranya and Quatloos
    4. You're not VIP XX, don't have the maximum # shuttles, aren't willing to set an alarm to wake up for Faction events, and don't plan to spend this month's salary to get ahead in the game.

    We have a very active fleet, although some take a day or two off, and are not airlocked when they do.

    If you are interested in joining a no stress fleet with lots of bonuses, please feel free to PM me and we'll send a shuttle out for you.

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    Another Star Base Level Achieved. Party at the FNB House! Tranya shots for all!


    Daily honor points, chronitons, player stat bonuses, game tips, and harumphs! Join today!
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