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Captains, if you're looking for a fleet in which to grow, learn, and excel then look no further than the Scottish Glaswegian Starfleet. We're not of the highest provenance amidst the fleets, but at LVL 48 and growing. You'll get your fair share of Honor and Chron as we play this game together. And, you'll have a part to play in building a one day legendary fleet with legendary members. We only ask that you are active daily, and let us know if you can't for 7 consecutive days. We only expect you to play and have fun. And, there's no need to be a Scot, Glaswegian, nor wear a kilt! If Interested, contact myself [SGS]HoratioHornblower[FO], [SGS]MadMax[ADM], or any onenof us with the [SGS] clan tag. We look forward to Living Long and Prospering with You!


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