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Expansion time!!! TDI is starting a new fleet!

SpocktopusSpocktopus ✭✭
edited June 2018 in Fleet Central
Captains, TDI is branching out.
We welcome Captains of any level. We will be a laid back and low pressure fleet without any VIP or shuttle requirements.
Join today if you are tired of your inactive fleet, if you want to grow with us from the beginning or if you are looking for the opportunity to join one of our established fleets.

We have only 2 requirements:
- Daily activity and contribution to our starbase
- Participation in our fleet Discord. We share a Discord server with our 2 sister fleets. A supportive community, a bot and a collection of guides will help you better your game.

If you are interested, PM me or search for Temporal Defense Initiative 2 ingame.
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