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Hello Fellow STT Captain!

R3S has a few open spots and we’re looking for the right active players to join us.

R3S is a social fleet, dedicated to developing a healthy community based. We encourage everyone to feel welcome and share anything they feel will be of interest to others.

We have simple rules: Complete every event, communicate, complete daily missions and donate to Starbase.

We have a lot to offer. A quick rundown of membership benefits:

- We use Line app to communicate to better help you with the mechanics of the game.

- Want to do better in events, or in general game play? We freely share strategies and help each other be better game players. You’ll often see the (R3S) fleet tag in the top 50 and our top squadrons are usually in the top 200.

We currently have our Starbase at 85 and growing.

We've many players over Level 60 so you can imagine the experience and strategy we have to share!

- Need more Honor and chronos ? We hit the fleet daily targets every day.

Our fleet ranks under 100 in every event.
Come join our fleet, we have players from all over.


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    In case you have a hard time finding us. Try USS-R3S
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