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General gold advice needed

Hey folks, sorry if this is long, but better to give too much info than not enough.

I've been playing for a few months, and here's where I'm at.

For golds, I have the following...

Darth Bashir (4 stars as of this weekend)
Cornwell (4)
Surak (4)
Kung fu sarek (1)
Ev archer (1)
Kahless (1)
Gen Chang (2)
Caretaker (3)
Agent Janeway (1)
Wrathful khan (1)

For purples, I have a bunch of 1/2 stars, and most event purples since about the mother horta event (about the time I started).

I'm a monthly card guy, and don't plan on spending outright for packs /specials

I score fairly well in the gauntlet, 6 hour voyages are more common than not, and Im able to hit threshold targets but not crack top 3000 in all the events now (I probably could with a deep chron save or burning all my shuttle boosts).

Most of my effort goes towards FE whatever event crew I get in the weekly event, with a little left over to slowly grind up one or two other purples that are slowly progressing.

My next big goal is to be able to hit 8 hour voyages consistently.

So here's my question, with that goal in mind. Am I better off FF my existing golds (to maximize individual card power), or grabbing beholds to search for new golds that can replace some of my purples/blues that end up on voyages?

My monthly dilithium expenditure to this point has been on the basics, so far. The extra shuttles and crew space. I'm currently debating on saving all my dil for the next crew slot sale (I took advantage of the last one to get to 130, but burned all my dil to do so), or to buy one 10 pack per week).

Thanks in advance


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    DavideBooksDavideBooks ✭✭✭✭✭
    How is your crew space?

    As for fully fusing, Cornwell and Darth Bashir are mega event crew and will be a long time, if ever, to be in regular packs. You should be safe to go to town on them.
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    At the moment I'm full, but could easily burn off 10-15 before I have to either start ditching purples or to get to a bare bones cadet roster.
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    al103al103 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Surak and Cornwell would be pretty much on 60%+ (if not 90%+) of your voyages at 5/5. Simply because they are that good. Darth Bashir is IIRC a bit worse and doubles Cornwell, but he's still pretty good. Kahless is pretty decent even as Com/Dip/Sec and it looks like you don't have Mirror Picard. So that's pretty much 7 safe citations before you have to worry about citation/begold choice. As monthly card player it's likely that you will participate at at least two more megaevents in the process so that another 2 safe citations (as monthly card player I regularly enough use my 5/5 T'Kuvma on Voyages... even with 5/5 Picard and 3/5 Kahless and I don't imagine next two megas would have worse options)...

    Don't bother with others right now, even awesome ones would start at 1/5 (well, they possibly can replace Kahless on queue if they are more useful).

    PS. Even best 1/5 are on the level of best 4/4. So wide range of 1/5 is unhelpful for Voyages. FFFE 5* are.
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    Thanks for the input...I was leaning in the direction of citations for 4*s, but not by much. I broke down and spent the 10 bucks for 10 packs deal today (which I'd not done before), and ended up pulling 4 golds (2 from one pack). So I got to add chancelor gowron, delta flyer paris, zephram cochrane, and interface Barclay (the only one I wasn't super thrilled about).

    On top of that I added a lot of depth and breadth in my purple ranks as well (including the mirror flox I've wanted). So, I guess I get to have my cake and eat it too...for ten bucks at least.

    ...plus enough honor to hit that 5th star on Cromwell. ..
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    Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    I would recommend trimming your cadet crew anyway, and especially now that you’ve done one of the magical 10 for $10s. There are a lot places suggesting optimum cadet crew complements so I won’t repeat them here. Otherwise, basically everything that al103 said - you have many options for 5* citations before you would have to consider 4* citations.

    I wouldn’t necessarily recommend 5* beholds because you may find that not all 1/5* crew would necessarily be helpful, especially if you are working on some good 4/4*s. This approach works for some but when I look at my crew I see several 1/5*s that I either haven’t bothered to work on (like Will Scarlett or Kung Fu Sarek) or I FE’d only to use sparingly (Orion Vina, Judge Q, Captain La Forge, and Mirror Worf are examples)...adding to that list isn’t as attractive to me as putting second, third, fourth, or fifth stars on useful crew.

    And for what it’s worth, I have only gotten 4* citations once by honor and twice by the special sales. If you have a 3/4* crew that isn’t in the general portal pool, won’t be released to the pool anytime soon, and could be quite helpful on a voyage (e.g. Tieran-Possessed Kes), that might make sense. Otherwise...I recommend caution.
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    al103al103 ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the input...I was leaning in the direction of citations for 4*s
    Honestly it's waste unless it's Jannar or you out of slots and even then "just got for faction threshold" 3/4 preferable.

    PS. My current voyage as illustration to this post and previous one:

    3 Mega 5/5 - Surak, Picard, T'Kuvma (Cornwell didn't fit on Com/Sci but was instant fit on shuttle)
    2 4/4 that are ONLY Com/Sci/Med that I have and so go-to for Med slot - Russel, Soong (Soong is recent 3/4 from threshold and is in general circulation besides that I had him 2/4 before event)
    1 4/4 that is just plain good - Sarina (4/4 from recent threshold)
    1 4/5 Kahless
    4 good-to-decent 1/5 (Assimilated Janeway, Proto Barclay, Burnham, Saru)
    1 only-because-it's-com-primary Lorca (well, he does find himself on com secondary too sometimes).

    If I had citation not reserved for Kahless and not shown here Guinan it would've gone on FOBurnham here which at 2/5 would've made her better than good 4/4. Or more likely on Proto Barclay for same reasons. I wouldn't even considered gold behold - I FAILED to get in top 1000 by choice more than enough times lately as I don't want 1/5 that would just "sit there".
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    Ooh, edit on that 5* citation, my bad for the typo
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    Oh, and I've been hanging onto that 4* cit we got a few weeks ago and have been itching to throw it on my 3/4 kes, but have been saving it for when I get a voyage only so I don't have to spend later
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    al103al103 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Oh, and I've been hanging onto that 4* cit we got a few weeks ago and have been itching to throw it on my 3/4 kes, but have been saving it for when I get a voyage only so I don't have to spend later
    Looking at your 5* crew at least it's pretty likely that you will get more honor from slightly longer voyages of 4/4 Kes (who is pretty good 4*) in time of you getting that 4th star naturally or 1/4 from voyage worth spending it on (as it would need another 2 from honor anyway). 5 honor here, 10 honor there and it simply adds up.

    Not worth spending honor instead of 5*s, but pretty much good choice for free citation. Looking on my Voyage Rarity comparison list 4/4 she's at 44 points - equal to 1/5 Leonardo and 4/4 Sarina who are Eng/Med/Sci! Her stats are just that good at 4/4 and Com/Med is not exactly most populated combo too and neither is for that matter Sec/Med.
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