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United Federation of Cheeseheads - Starbase level 107 - Two openings

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The United Federation of Cheeseheads currently has a few open spots.

Who We Are:
- An active fleet with lots of experience that enjoy having a good time together.
- A great fleet that has been around for over 18 months.
- Our motto is, “Eat more cake.”
- Our members are from all corners of the globe.
- Our Starbase level is 107
- We usually rank among the top 75 fleets.

Our Fleet Requirements:
- You should be competitive and experienced yet friendly and helpful. We enjoy chatting.
- Level 50 players and above.
- Daily participation. Absences are fine if you tell your squad leader and The Admiral.
- Daily contribution of 700 parts to the starbase.
- Event score of 25,000 or better
- You do not need to be from Wisconsin or even cheer for the Packers, but it might help.

We Offer:
- Friendly competition
- Strategies to improve your game
- Fantastic squad leaders. They succeed by helping you succeed.
- A very involved fleet Admiral.
- Maximum honor and chronitons per day for fleet action.
- A quickly advancing Starbase.
- The use of the fleet tag [UFC] for your in-game name and forum posts.
- Most of all FUN!

Starbase Level: 107
Max chronitons: +40
Mess Hall (Rep fuel cost): -10%
Industrial Replicator: +3

Command core skill: +7%
Science core skill: +9%
Engineering core skill: +7%
Diplomacy core skill: +8%
Security core skill: +8%
Medical core skill: +8%

Command Proficiency: +7%
Science Proficiency: +8%
Engineering Proficiency: +8%
Diplomacy Proficiency: +8%
Security Proficiency: +8%
Medical Proficiency: +8%

If interested, please PM me. Feel free to ask any questions as well.

Best Regards,
Commodore Mendy
Recruiting Director


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