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420 Squadron wants you!

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420 Squadron is an established fleet with a level 64 starbase. The Fleet's philosophy has always been "laissez faire". The benefit/cost ratio is essentially infinite, something which everyone from Ferengi to Vulcans can appreciate.

We have just two requirements:

1. Captain level minimum = 10.
2. Active in the last 45 days. Or longer if you ask for more time.

Looking for a Captain to form a new Squadron named something clever like "High Rollerz". Bring your friends! Openings are also available in existing Squadrons.

Our biggest challenge is we are losing Captains due to them going MIA. We are down to 12 veteran ships, but we still manage to earn lots of honor every day.

Don't make me spam this post to the top of the forum, because I will do that and more to bring you into 420 Squadron! Enlistment is open, no waiting, so join us!


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    Good news - minimum Captain level reduced from 40 to 30! 420 Squadron wants you!
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    Urgent communique to all available Captains: Our Fleet has dwindled to half strength, and requests reinforcements to volunteer for deep space exploration! Our Starbase is up to level 61, and I have reduced the minimum required Captain level from 30 to 20. Honor the recent expansions of legalization to Canada and Utah by expanding our fleet!
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    Mayday! The leaders of four squadrons have not returned from their last missions! The fleet has dwindled to just 18 active members! If this loss rate continues, then this veteran fleet will be lost to history. Can we let that happen? Imagine a level 61 starbase, abandoned. I can, but not without a fight. Join us as we approach level 63, and share the bonuses our departed heroes have helped us earn.
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    Is your fleet dwindling and endangered? Bring your hardy veterans along to our fleet, and we'll prosper more together.

    We are a dozen mellow captains who want more action than our small fleet is generating. Lets party, or medicate, or whatever with a fun-loving fleet.
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    Good news!

    We are growing again, and have entered into an alliance with the Tiny Little Lifeforms fleet. Now, we are the alternative for captains who may not want to be super competitive. With us, completing the Daily Missions every day, or participating in events, are completely optional. If you want the option to shift back and forth between being gung-ho and taking a rest, you can have an inside track to either fleet. Make no mistake, we have competitive captains, too, but there is no requirement to accomplish anything beyond being a credit to the uniform. Oh, and don't Bogart your holoemitters.

    More good news! Freshly washed level 65 starbase, and minimum captain level reduced to just 10!
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