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ODB fleet is recruiting (starbase level 53)

ODB is easy going fleet with some open slots left after spring cleaning.

While there are some pretty strong players in our fleet, there is no need to be shy, because we will accept anybody with captain level of 20 or higher, willing to learn and contribute to our starbase.

Your VIP level or number of your shuttles is not important to us. Only thing we are looking for are active players who will participate at least 5 days/week.

Just what you were searching for, right?

Enrollment is currently open, so pack up your gear, there is lot of space to conquer…


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    MaddadMaddad ✭✭
    To remind you... when you leave the dorm, you turn left then right and then left twice... or was that right, left, right, right? :# anyway, look for the command with ODB inscription. We will be waiting...
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