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Vice Admiral WolffVice Admiral Wolff ✭✭✭
edited July 2018 in Fleet Central
Just got into fleet eligibility and not sure where you want to be?
Seeing a ton of enormously powerful fleets with a list of restrictions longer than a shopping receipt and know that you won't make the grade for..... A while 😥?
Are you hoping to be able to ask for advice or wisdom from people who have been there and done that (and are still eager to see YOU succeed too)?

Cosmic Knights is recruiting, and would love to help you in all of those areas. We're a new fleet crafted by old players more interested in building YOU up than counting how many shuttles you have or how deep your dilithium pool is.

Look us up in the fleet window or send a hail to Fleet Admiral: Cosmic Squirrel Henry, Vice Admiral: [V. Adm.] Wolff, or Officer: Débora.
(I also regularly check this forum).

We look forward to your success!


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