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Top 5000 Squad looking for new Starbase home!

Hi there potential fleet recruiters!

Our squad HouseBlackfyre is looking for a new fleet home! Our current starbase is not meeting our standards, as half the people in it aren’t even squadded up, and more than half haven’t logged in for months.

This normally isn’t a huge deal, but we’ve been finding the lack of team unity, participation, and attendance to be a bit aggravating. So, we’d like to find a starbase that is more active, and enjoys playing the game.

Our Squad has 5 members:

Fleet Captain Hash - Level 34
Captain Trout - Level 42
Vin28 - Level 41
Clyde - Level 27
Khan Kaizhu - Level 43

And we switch off Squad Leader depending on who has the event crew. We do our best to participate in every event, max out our high level characters, and share strategy. We ocassionally spend money, but not all the time and don’t want it as a requirement (basically, we’re not “whales”.)

We’ve consistently placed in the top 5000 for the last 3 events, but here are the stats from them last 5 events.

We used to run a pretty successful War Dragons team before they became more about the money than the fun of the game, and we have setup a Slack that we use for internal communications, but have used Discord before.

If we look like a good choice to add to your Starbase, please let me know and I’ll discuss all invitations with the Squad. Hopefully we can find a new home and bring glory to your house!


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    Seven of One Seven of One ✭✭✭✭✭
    Wow, an entire squad looking for a new fleet is certainly a little different :) 10F has a sister fleet who I believe are still looking for members. They're called Fair Haven and led by fleet admiral Comicon.

    Fair Haven has only been up and running for a month, but already their squads are ranking in the top 1000s. Their fleet ranking for the rerun Isthmiun Games event was 310. There is no spending required and you can be as active or as laid back as you wish.

    I believe if you join the 10FH discord recruitment channel our high command will be able to point you in the FH direction, just tag Comicon and tell him Seven sent you :)https://discordapp.com/invite/HmMZVUb

    I do hope you all find somewhere you're happy with and are all together. FH is a great fleet and a great fleet makes the game even more enjoyable!
    Ten Forward Loungers - Give Your Best, Get Our Best!
    Check out our website to find out more:
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    Greetings. Inner Planets Alliance is an active fleet consistently placing in the top 50. We have a level 76 starbase and a range of players from a top 50 squad on up.

    We are a social bunch (except for the ones who prefer to play the game quietly) and our requirements are not steep:

    * Have fun playing the game
    * Contribute to the starbase daily
    * Communicate when you need to be away from the game as we know real life happens
    * We use Line to communicate as a fleet - we have many senior fleet members and a training officer who can offer guidance on issues from behold choices to event strategies
    * Have I said have fun?

    Let me know if this sounds interesting to you and your squad. We have room for you. If you have any questions, let me know here or a DM.

    Commodore Markas
    Inner Planets Alliance
    Admiral of the Inner Planets Alliance fleets
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    SoupKitchen RikerSoupKitchen Riker ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited July 2018
    Mirror KM is recruiting, the sister fleet of Klingon Marauders (#1 ranked fleet our latest event—Isthmian Games). Give us a look, contact point in the thread. Level 90 Star Base...

    “A committee is a cul-de-sac, down which good ideas are lured and quietly strangled.” —Mark TwainMEMBER: [BoB] Barrel of Bloodwine... We are recruiting and putting the “curv” in scurvy! Best Event Finish: #3 Honor Debt: Inconceivable...Honor Bank Account: Slowly building...
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    Don’t have a great Starbase, but do have great players and a lot of fun. Knights of the Saucer Section
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    edited July 2018
    “You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain”
    ― Musashi, Japan's Greatest Swordsman and Samurai
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    The United Federation of Pragmatists is a casual and friendly fleet. We really only have two requirements: 1) Be nice, and 2) Play regularly. There are no chat requirements, but we do use Discord for some squadron planning. The in-game chat is used sparingly because, well, you know.

    Our Starbase is level 100 and our wide variety of captains of all levels and experience have contributed to its success. I've been with this fleet for about a year and a half now and it is nothing but friendly, encouraging and helpful.

    If you are interested in joining UFP, just let me know and I will advise our Admiral who will clean out a few cobwebs and setup quarters for you and your squadmates. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or by PM.

    Fleet: The United Federation of Pragmatists

    Our mission: Active game play, without taking things too seriously. The only requirements are 1) Be Nice, and 2) Play regularly. ZERO chatting/social requirements - we’re mainly in it for the Squad, Fleet and Starbase Rewards.

    We have a few openings left for like-minded Captains!
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    Navarch Navarch ✭✭✭✭✭
    I can’t match your mastery of gif linking, but I’d like to offer your entire squad a home in Starship Trista 2. We are a fleet made up of vets, newbies, and people who enjoy the game so much, they have more than 1 account.

    Our fleet is still getting up to steam, but we’re making steady progress. Our starbase is level 37, soon to be level 38. We don’t have a lot of rules to follow, just these: be active, don’t cause drama, and remember that this is just a game. We use the in-game chat and the GroupMe app to communicate. PM me if you want to know more.
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    Hey guys, we found a fleet and decided to join up with them. Thank you all for your kind offers and suggestions!
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