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Unable to buy anything

Says I already have one when I go buy the sela deal. It billed me but never showed up even after a force stop.

On a side note I also tried to buy the 10 dollar chronos deal pop up and it now gives me the same Google play you have one message


  • ShanShan admin
    Submit a ticket to support, add a screenshot of your google play history and a screenshot of what you are seeing in game. Thank you!
  • Emmett KEmmett K ✭✭✭
    Ok thank you done. Do I need to do something else to preserve the 12 hour pop up deal I want too or just be patient and hope it unlocks before it expires
  • Emmett KEmmett K ✭✭✭
    Fixed thank you
  • ShanShan admin
    I didn't do anything but I am glad it is fixed :)
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