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STARFLEET MARYLAND is looking for Captains who want to join a band of new and veteran players. There's no pressure, and we just want you to have fun. If you are new to the game, we will help you learn the ropes. If veteran, you can enjoy the game even more by taking new Captains under your wing.

Your Admiral Dirk is a veteran player who started at FTP, but has gradually gone to the dark side (P2P). I am level 52 and VIP 13. I'm always willing to help new Captains along. Our crew is a mixture of new players and veterans.

If you've never joined a fleet before, and are not sure whether to start now, give us a try!

YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE FROM MARYLAND TO JOIN! You can be from Maryland originally, living in Maryland, driven through Maryland, flown over Maryland, or just have known someone named Mary! We'll take you all!

We have only 3 rules:
1. You must be polite to others in the FLEET
2. You must be level 20 or greater (only so that we know you will stick with us for a little while at least)
3. You must sign in and play at least once every 2 weeks (or let your Admiral know in advance if there are extenuating circumstances)

We'd love to have you with us!
Admiral Dirk

Whoops! Right actor, Wrong show

There we go. Dwight Schultz (Lt. Barclay) - born in Maryland
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