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COLD SPACE - It's cold out there!

Current Fleet Rank: 33
Current Members: 43

We are a global fleet with members in Canada, USA, England to name a few.

There are several Veteran players that have been around since the beginning.

To improve communication and help each other out we do require the use of the Line Chat Application. Available on all platforms.

We are looking for new Captains to help fill out our ranks.

I can be reached via the forums or in game as Raxnar.



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    Our Starbase is level 22 and climbing!

    Transporter Room and Main engineering are maxed and others are not far off!

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    Fleet Rank now 19!

    Still looking to add more members to our ranks!

    Starbase upgraded to 24 recently as well.

    Give us a shout!

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    We have a few spots left in Cold Space and we are looking for active players of all kind.

    Cold Space consists of both newer players and veterans of the game. Our Starbase level is at 36 atm, which will give you a solid boost of 5-6% on all your skills.

    We break up squadrons every week so that the best possible crew can be shared. That means if you join us you can be in a top squad straight away, or just choose to chill and play an event leisurely in a lower squad.

    We do require that you use Line app and check in at least once a week. In my experience, it only adds to the enjoyment of the game. Using Line app also enables you to get any questions answered quickly by our experienced officers.

    If you wish to join us contact either me Rear Admiral Dworf or Raxnar via the forum or the game.

    /Rear Admiral Dworf
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    Cold Space is still recruiting! We are currently ranked 46 as a fleet in the Operation Earth event and often finish higher!

    looking to recruit captains level 30 or higher.

    As mentioned we do use Line Chat app out side of game to make organizing and helping each other easier.

    Please drop any one of us a line in game or on the forums for an invite!

    We'd love to have you!

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    A few changes as of late but were still recruiting!

    Rank after the last Weekly event is 53!

    Our roster is at 38/50 so we definitely have room for new folks!

    Starbase is currently at 58, 59 by tomorrow likely.

    Send me a message here or in game!

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    up up we go to the top!
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