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Rostering rule of thumb? Fully fusing vs. quicker usefulness

What is generally the greater priority during a behold: pulling a character who has some greater near-term usefulness, or fully fusing characters so that I can immortalize them (I'm F2P so roster space is an issue I deal with regularly)?

My behold:
Klingon Quark, Luther Sloan, Alidar Jarok
  • Quark: 3/4, but his greatest value is his proficiency.
  • Sloan: 3/4, pain to level, mediocre final stats.
  • Jarok: 0/4, would be my best Gauntlet CMD (currently, Queenie is my best, but I hardly user her in the Gauntlet because her other stats are weak).

I assume Jarok is the way to go?


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    DralixDralix ✭✭✭✭✭
    I gave you an awesome for the forum name alone.

    As for the question ...

    If I was in your exact situation, I'd be leaning towards Jarok. He's got pretty good gauntlet stats, and his traits come up frequently. If he would be one of your best gauntlet crew, he'll probably significantly improve it. He's also one of the best 4* voyage crew, although with the most common skills, and you'll need to get him FF.

    But, you're dealing with crew slot issues regularly, so maybe you want the fuse and vault. You mention Sloan being a pain to level but not Quark - maybe you already have Quark leveled, or maybe you don't know that he's a pain too. If the former, I'd say go for him, especially if you don't use him in gauntlet. Then vault him.
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    RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    if roster space is an issue then I'd almost always ADD stars to crew I already had just so that I have the possibility to vault crew once immortalised.

    Adding new crew will mean that you'll just have a raft of 1/4 crew that are basically only good for the Gauntlet, so if you ever get a 5* that improves on their gauntlet stats then they are basically a waste of space.

    Both Quark and Sloan are rough levelling ... but both will be of benefit in Voyages for sure. I might go for Sloan, as he does have a better DIP base so could be used in both voyages and shuttles to decent effect.

    Personally, I do not put too much weight on Gauntlet for 4*s, the one exception being Mirror Phlox, but I've still got him at lvl 1 and he's been on my roster for months ...
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    cannabinationcannabination ✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    If you need a gauntlet command character the choice seems obvious to me. Quark and Sloan are both average at best even FF/FE, Jarok will have more utility at 1/4.
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    RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    I completely forgot to add the following:

    I've been using Sloan to unlock some nodes on Elite/Epic level for Episodes 5 and 7 ... I've also used Quark to unlock nodes ... they both have handy traits ... as does Jarok ... check the wiki and your other crew on where you need the most help.

    The old Forum had some great threads on what to consider when choosing crew ... and the different viewpoints that players can take (see the difference between me and cannabination) ... this has become more complicated since voyages came into the game, and has made choices more interesting.
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    If you have honor, I'd take Jarok and citation one of the others. I'm F2P as well, and I'd almost never recommend taking a new character over one you need stars on, but I think if you can cite and vault Sloan or KliQuark, then you'll be glad you took Jarok.
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