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Would like to have more info about changing and taking part in fleet activities

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    Hi Ben,

    You're looking to join a fleet or our fleet.
    Our requirements are must achieve 75 daily participation points to fleet total

    Ship battles
    Shuttle missions
    Away missions

    6x cadet, 10x arena battles count towards the 75 for free
    If you have andriod the adwarp also counts.

    We ask all members to display (OPA) at the front of their game ID
    Minimum Captain level = 30
    Finally that you add a communication APP called LINE. We use it for all our communication as we can add website links, pictures and notes without running out of txt characters.

    We're developing a 2nd fleet too (IPA) for newer players who need more guidance but want fleet benefits

    Our fleet is starbase 26 soon 27 members gain upgrades to all their crew between 3% - 6% of the base scores

    Regards Grim
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    {FH} Bones McCoy{FH} Bones McCoy ✭✭✭
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    Thanks for responses

    Grim, open to join a good fleet, I have met all daily missions since joining a few weeks back, and have taken out monthly card and have a third shuttle. Already up to level 39 and VIP 3 Captain's name Tiberius - Captain Kirk avatar

    Now looking to develop more knowledge

    Have left fleet as did not seem too active so looking for new one


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    Hi Ben,

    We have 2 extra requirements that are compulsory that I listed above.

    1. To add (OPA) or (IPA) to the front of your game name.
    2. To add LINE to your device if you don't already have it so that our fleet can communicate with each other outside of the games limitations.

    If you're happy with this I'll have a quick chat with our Admiral

    Regards Chris Smith
    AKA (OPA) Grimreaper
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    Hi Ben,

    To contact me in game to add me as a friend my DBID is 797599229984768.

    Regards Grimreaper
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    I'm unable to make any new threads since the forum has changed over to the new format, can anyone assist?

    Many thanks
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    Nevermind, since making a post the button has appeared where it's supposed to be.
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    All you had to do what post a comment?
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    benferry wrote: »
    Would like to have more info about changing and taking part in fleet activities

    What specifically are you wanting to know. :-)
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    Shy KhanShy Khan ✭✭✭✭✭
    Steeler Nation is a 25th level fleet which has no minimums or entry requirements. We certainly encourage folks to join a Squadron and do their daily donations of Starbase construction materials, as that doesn’t cost anything. No chat necessary. Good for beginners and those looking for temporary harbor until they find the right fit for them.
    Come join the Steeler Nation Fleet!
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    Hungry Dog DDMHungry Dog DDM ✭✭✭✭
    We have an extremely active, although somewhat new fleet. We have 1 spot open. Level 22 starbase. All daily rewards met everyday.
    Drunken Dahar Masters is recruiting active players.
    PM for details.

    So long and thanks for all the fish.
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    Picking a Fleet to join can be a challenge. I would not suggest to just Fleet hop. Just because someone invites you, thats nice but you may not fit in for the long haul. I'll just put this out here. KNIGHTS OF THE SAUCER SECTION is a newly formed Fleet that plays on the basis of Fun, equality, and no pressure. Just PM anyone in the group for info or apply and talk it over that way. Good luck on your journey. Zeb
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    Requirement? Have fun. Knights of the Saucer Section.
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