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TLA wants YOU! Level 134 MAX Starbase! Recruiting level 40+ captains

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[Aug 16 Update] A few spots open. Message with your interest.

TLA is looking for engaged and active Timelines captains!

Why join TLA?
  • We are one of the longest-running and most well-respected fleets in Timelines.
  • Level 134 MAX Starbase and we achieve all daily targets.
  • We regularly share tips and strategies from our top players using the Line chat app.
  • We prioritize community over week-to-week rankings.
  • We have fun! We run silly meme contests, we were the first fleet to find "The Game", and we have our own podcast to keep our captains engaged.
  • We still like dominating the leaderboards: With two high-performing branches of 50 captains and over a dozen Top-5 fleet rankings to our name, we enjoy going all-in when it's strategic.

We are looking for level 40+ captains that embrace tolerance and diversity, and the values that Trek promotes. If you're interested, please send me a forum PM, or message me on Line with your interest. Line ID: capncapacitor

Admiral CapCap

Fleet wiki page: https://stt.wiki/wiki/Fleet_The_Liberal_Alliance



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    We have two rare openings at the moment. Message me with your interest, before the spaces fill up. [July 19 Update] One spot left now.
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    [July 20 Update] One spot remaining in a top competitive squad. Doing pretty well in the current event too. ;)
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    After a hard-fought Hybrid event, TLA has emerged with an historic result... The top TWO fleets in the game!


    Congrats to our Fifth Column squads which banded together to storm the leaderboards, and achieved some new personal best scores!


    This is just part of the fun of joining TLA - there is no pressure to perform and especially no pressure to spend, but we love to go all-in for the right event, all for the glory of the fleet.

    Want to join in on the fun? We have a couple of open spots with a long-time captain retiring from the game that won't last long...
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    Congrats to our captains on an amazing result last event!


    We post a Top-15 Captains board after every event, and we celebrate everyone that has achieved a new Personal Best score with the fleet.


    We also make sure to celebrate our top squads every week, bringing the fleet glory and replicator rations. 😜

    Go TLA!
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    [July 29 Update] Only one spot remaining...

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    TLA is an awesome fleet. Great people and a great community. I'm really proud to be a part of it!!!
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    [Aug 3 Update] Full for now! If you're interested, message - you never know when a spot might open due to a retirement, or a shore leave to Risa...
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    [Aug 13 Update] One spot open. Starbase Level 109.

    Message with your interest!

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    [Aug 29 Update] One spot open for a Level 60+ captain in one of our top squads.

    Starbase Level 111. Message with your interest.

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    Come join us! Their definition of Klingon-Cardassian Alliance is to spike your raktajino with kanar and I kid you not, the captain hand delivers it to you if you are within a 500 mile radius of the Pacific Island he is stranded on!
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    Chancellor wrote: »

    The best offer I've seen in-game yet! 😉

    [Sep 9 Update] One spot remaining for a level 60+ captain.
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    [Sep 17 Update]

    We've had an awesome response to our last recruitment ad (thanks to our talented officer @Chancellor for putting it together)!

    We have two captains that have been with the fleet since 2016 that are retiring this week... so we need a couple of active, engaged recruits to join the best fleet in Timelines! 😉

    Think you're up for it? Message now!

    Admiral CapCap
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    Congrats to our TLA captains on a #1 fleet finish in the last event!


    Want to join in the fun? If you're a level 50+ captain, message with your interest.
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    San'VattarcSan'Vattarc ✭✭
    edited September 2018

    Looking for active level 40-50+ Captains!
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    For the second consecutive week, one of our TLA branches has finished #1 in the fleet ranks. Congrats to our Fifth Column squad for teaming up and also taking the #1 squad rank during the Ready to Rumble Faction event!


    Right now, we have a spot open for a level 50+ captain. Message with your interest.
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    [Oct 17 Update] One of our founding officers Dolemite has retired and is shipping off to Risa... Thank you Dole for your continued service, and enjoy the jamaharon! 😜

    We have two openings for level 50+ captains, so apply now to join.
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    San'VattarcSan'Vattarc ✭✭
    edited October 2018
    TLA is looking for daily active and engaging level 40-50+ Captains who embrace tolerance, diversity and other values that Trek promotes.

    What we have to offer is a level 118 Starbase for useful bonuses.
    We - among others - share tips, tricks and strategies and keep entertaining in-fleet events.
    Most of all we are a group of Trek fans, a friendly community that prioritizes enjoying the game over rankings; even though our results are pretty impressive with that 😁

    Wanna join..!

    Send me a PM/DM or apply to The Liberal Alliance

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    Thank you for your interest. Keep your applications coming! :smile:
    Interested in being part of the TLA fun?
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    [TLA] Chancellor[TLA] Chancellor ✭✭✭
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    Private message @[TLA] Capn Capacitor or @[TLA] 84wb if interested. sefykyzb1dp5.jpeg
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    Two spots open for level 50+ captains. Level 125 Starbase.

    Join us, and see what all the fuss is about. ;)
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    One spot for a level 50+ captain. Are you our newest recruit?

    Join the team, make new friends. 😉

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    It's been a while since we've posted to Fleet Central, but with two recent retirements we have two openings for Level 50+ captains.

    These are rare spots to join one of the top fleets in Timelines, where we have two branches of 50 captains each (100 strong!) that are competitive and rank in the Top-25 weekly. Both have maxed out Starbases at level 134.

    Don't miss your chance!
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    Still a couple of spots available. Don't miss your chance to join a fleet with a MAX Starbase. 👍

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    Hi. I would love to join your fleet if you have room. I'm a die-hard liberal. I used to be a member of the Liberal Democrats, served as a Manchester Lib-Dem Councillor for 4 years (2008-2012), stood for parliament as a LD (2010) and used to lead the Brighton Liberal Democrats (2013-2014). I adore the grandfather of liberalism, John Stuart Mill, and I'm named after his ideological ancestors - the Levellers.

    The Levellers fought in the parliamentary forces against King Charles during the English Civil war. They were the parliamentary ideologues of the war, fighting for freedom, democracy and equality under law. They inspired the Brighton based band The Levellers, and that's how I got to know about the historical group. So yeah - I'm a keen believer that liberalism is worth fighting for.

    I'm a level 57 captain, with 188 immortalised crew. I've been playing since about November last year. The last event, I solo-ed to rank circa1900. I play every day.
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    We do have a space at the moment, I will send you a Private Message with some more details.

    Note that we aren't aligned with any political party, but love that you are as much of a fan of classic liberalism as we are.

    We are all about tolerance of diverse opinions and viewpoints (as Trek exhibits), and sounds like you fit the bill. 👍

    Admiral Capacitor
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    Thanks, Admiral. Don't worry, I'm no longer affiliated with any political party and won't be banging any drum for them. As you've noted though, I'm a big fan of classic liberalism. :) My in game name is also Levster.
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    One spot open for a level 50+ captain. Don't miss out on your chance to join the best fleet in Timelines! 🖖🖖🖖
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    We currently have two openings for captains level 40+.

    Don’t miss your chance to join one of the top TWO fleets during the last event! We are 100 captains strong and you can be part of our group.

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