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9RS and AR is looking for a new captain (FBB currently focusing on Nightmare + some Ultra)

Emperor Borg Drone (AR)Emperor Borg Drone (AR) ✭✭✭✭✭
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Our fleet is currently looking for a new player. We are a merge of two fleets with lots of very different people from all over the world, mostly lv 90+ players that have been around since 2016.

What we offer:

- maxed starbase
- all daily fleet rewards including ISM
- currently able to defeat the FBB on Nightmare and Ultra at every attempt, but focusing mainly on Nightmare (we're all still around bridge level 9 to 11)
- fleet chats on Discord with tips and resources that you can join if you want to
- you can take off up to 2 days per week or 8 days each month (offline or online without contributing to the fleet goals)

What we require:

- that you complete daily missions 5 days a week

Socializing is welcome, but not compulsory. We have a lot of long-time players who can help you with advice on game strategy :)

If you're interested, please leave a comment, send a request to the fleet (fleet name: 9rs and Anonymous Redshirts) or send me a message here :)



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