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9RS and AR is looking for a new captain (FBB currently focusing on Nightmare + some Ultra)



  • Looking again for a mixed squad :)
  • We're looking again :smile:
  • Still looking :)
  • We're looking for players again. There is one open spot now and there will be 2 more after the event :)
  • Still looking for two new captains :)
  • Are you still looking for two captains?
  • @Kurppana Yes! Let me know if you want to join :)
  • We're still looking for a new player for our fleet. The open spot is in one of our stronger squads, currently ranked 85 in the event. All players in that squad tend to rank 5000 or better in events :)
  • We have an open spot again!

    All ISM has been unlocked every day, except for yesterday when we missed the last tier. Help us avoid that! :)
  • We're looking for a new player again! :)
  • We are looking for two players again! :)
  • We're at 49/50 and looking for one or two players again :)
  • We're looking again! Be aware that we have a few people who are traveling for their summer vacations, so we're missing out on the last ISM tier more than usual these days :)
  • Looking again!
  • Emperor Borg Drone (AR)Emperor Borg Drone (AR) ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 15
    Looking again:

    Our fleet is currently looking for a couple of new players, potentially three. We are a merge of two fleets with lots of very different people from all over the world, mostly lv 90+ players that have been around since 2016.

    What we offer:

    - maxed starbase
    - all daily fleet rewards including ISM
    - currently able to defeat the FBB on Nightmare and Ultra at every attempt, but still focusing on Nightmare
    - fleet chats on Discord with tips and resources that you can join if you want to
    - you can take off up to 2 days per week or 8 days each month (offline or online without contributing to the fleet goals)

    What we require:

    - that you complete daily missions 5 days a week

    Socializing is welcome, but not compulsory. We have a lot of long-time players who can help you with advice on game strategy :)

    If you're interested, please leave a comment, send a request to the fleet (fleet name: 9rs and Anonymous Redshirts) or send me a message here :)
  • Looking again!
  • Looking again :)
  • Still looking :)
  • I am looking to switch, I am at Captains level 50, usually do daily missions 7 days a week and get more than half my squadrons points in events
    My Captain name is Hobbster if you can reach out to me
  • One other thing, I am stuck at Captains Bridge lvl 7 because current fleet has not destroyed Brutal (not enough support from fleet members).
  • @Hobbster we'd be happy to have you in the fleet :)

    I sent you a friend request in game. To send you an invite I need to wait until you leave your current fleet. But you can also directly send a request to the fleet and I'll give the admiral your username, so that she can accept it.

    Bridge level 7 is ok, I think we have a few players around that level too, since not everyone was able to make minimum threshold before the last update. But we will start alternating Nightmare and Ultra soon, when some of us will need the rewards from Ultra. We'll still play Nightmare too until everyone is at level 13, but it will be once every other day most likely.
  • Hi,
    I'm looking for fleet change because I'm afraid my current fleet will never be able to kill the Ultra Nightmare Boss.
    Level 99 and can do 15-20 M damage / round on nightmare boss.
  • We're currently at 50/50, but we might have another spot soon, depending on whether or not a player who took a couple of weeks off will be back to Timelines after his vacation :)
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