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Is Degra worth the push to 400k ? If so, who do I float?

So here's the question. I think I could make it to 400k without to much difficulty. But is a 1/5 Degra worth the effort when I'm already a bit short on crew slots. I'm definitely not short on Science/Enigneering with F/F Sarina Douglas, Prospect Burnham and Tholian Prisoner, 4/5 Surak and Caretaker, 1/5 Silver Seven. But his Arena ability is what I'd really want him for and if by the grace of God I was to ever F/F him, he would tag 3 collections.

I would need to make room for him and the choices of who to airlock are getting harder and harder since I've built up a fairly decent collection of 4* crew.
Truth be told I really need to refine my crew a bit now that I'm in the mid-game, and would love to see every ones opinions on the Top 5 Airlock list

Here's who would potentially be on the chopping block.
3/4 lvl 99 Maquis Ro Laren (I hate that I had to level her to get another copy of Dr. Hipocrates. Would love to float her into space. Lol )
3/4 lvl 01 Taresian Kim ( I have a 2/4 lvl 99 Buster Kincade)
3/4 lvl 01 Young Khan (Engineered)
3/4 lvl 01 Lieutenant Chekov (My only Chekov not sitting in my in-box)
1/4 lvl 99 Lt. Ash Tyler
1/4 lvl 01 unless otherwise noted:
Formal Dress Wesley Crusher (Great Arena Evasion)
Mirror Jenifer Sisko (I do have F/F Tholian and 1/5 Mirror T'pol)
Mirror Uhura (My only "Mirror" Diplomacy)
Cardassian Kira (Cardassian)
Galen (Sci/Sec Picard, I kinda like)
Detective Dixon Hill
Marshal of France Q (Inspiring, but is he even usefull if I have Minuet?)
Human Q
Commander Kelby (Jury Rigger)
2/4 Icheb (Borg)
2/4 T'mir (Good arena skills)
Command Hologram
2/4 Apollo (Inspiring and good Voyage skill set/numbers)
Celebratory Ash Tyler
2/4 Ambassador Shras (Good Dip Base, voyage totals and Arena Att)
I feel like I could let one of these last two go now that I have a F/F Armed Georgiou and they all have the save Stat Combo.
Or maybe the closest trade off is a...
2/4 lvl 90 Graduation Burnhm

Thanks everyone for looking over the list and and don't forget to toss out a Top 5 Airlock list if you feel like it.
Happy Gaming,


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    IronagedaveIronagedave ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    I'm not quite at the point of lacking crew slots yet and his 3 collections is what clinch it for me xindi is a tough one.
    If they squeeze in another rerun between megas - big sting could be next in which case keep hold of your Picards.
    Unless you are a big fan of KIm, Taresian Kim would be logical.

    Stats - very mediocre for a Purple in a common set
    Most Recent - so is going to take the longest to enter the portal now.
    Useless arena ability - La Forge was my bonus crew of choice.
    and I don't think he makes any collections.

    Depending on fusion level Kelby maybe another option if you're just waiting for the collection and no other use then it might be best to let him go even if he is a jury rigger until a better slot situation develops.

    Marshal Q is useful definitely keep.
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    Jim SteeleJim Steele ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Id probably boot Cardasian Kira, Shelby and Jennifer Sisko. I'm planning to push for him by virtue of the fact I already have him 4/5* so kinda want to push for his last star. Hopefully I can get him in the first phase to be actually useful.

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    RaraRacingRaraRacing ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2019
    Is Degra worth it?
    Well, he provides more potential opportunity for improvement than your 4/4s do, but at 1/5 he probably won't do much in the short-term.
    I always had the mindset of ... if I want to improve my crew in the long run, I have to freeze good current crew. I took a little hit, but within a couple of days I didn't even notice I'd frozen certain crew, as new crew had risen up and taken their spot. Not only that, but if I was really desperate I could always take them back out of cryo (ended up only doing so for events). e.g. Prospect Burnham will only get you so far.
    My personal goal was to build a good collection of 5* crew, not 4* crew.

    So the answer to Degra is ... do you value long-term potential over short term gains? If no, then don't bother going for him, if yes then go get him.

    Crew that you should have at lvl 100 but you only have at lvl 1:
    - T'Mir - arena stats are valid no matter what fuse level, just get her FE.
    - Marshal Q - in my humble opinion a must if you want to take Gauntlet seriously.

    Top 5 to airlock?
    I always say freeze before airlock, but most people prefer the opposite, so no advice there.

    EDIT: I should state, I'm going to go for him ... as I have him 2/5 and at 3/5 he'll start becoming useful on my crew.
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    *Nomad* {PoF}*Nomad* {PoF} ✭✭✭✭✭
    This is what you have to look forward to at 5/5....


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    I amgoing for it. I have him at level 100 and 1 star.
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    These are my stats for Scientist Degra in the Fleet Colonial Fleet Ohio:

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    Travis S McClainTravis S McClain ✭✭✭✭✭
    I wrote a guide to crew dismissal decisions that might be of some help. The link is in my signature, and I'd include it right here, except the typing window doesn't show that section. It's hard to offer responsible advice without knowing what the rest of your crew looks like, or what you're working on clearing in the game. But here are two quick, vague observations:

    Several on your chopping block are Disco crew. So far, most Disco event activity has been in Mega-Events timed to coincide with the airing of new episodes. It's likely these crew won't see much consistent action until the third season ramps up. I'd keep them for the inevitable Disco Mega IV, but you can probably safely lower them as priorities. (Probably!)

    Thinking about Collections is smart, but I advise pragmatism. If you're nearing a Milestone, that's one thing. But if you're still several Immortals away from one and you don't have many FF crew who will help you get there, it may not be helpful to commit to some of the 1/4's, like Commander Kelby. Outside of the Spit and Bailing Wire Collection, he doesn't help much. And that Collection presently requires that you IMM several 5*'s in order to complete it. Yes, Commander Kelby would get you out of having to deal with one of those, but there will still be so many you'll need that that one is probably out of reach for awhile yet.

    Don't be afraid to throw some of these fish back in the water while you work on completing the crew you have who can help you now. They'll come back your way eventually.
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    Dirk GundersonDirk Gunderson ✭✭✭✭✭
    When thinking long-term, you can give yourself a little slot relief by being aggressive with your partially-fused 1/4*s and 2/4*s (and Taresian Kim, who will waste a slot for possibly the next 6-9 months short of an Elusive Treasures surprise). Marshal of France Q is a definite keep for gauntlet purposes, as is T’Mir and I think Lt. Chekov for their arena/Skirmish usefulness. I also have a personal preference for Shras for shuttle use, but yours is only at 2/4*. Freeze who you can, airlock the rest. That will open up space for Degra as well as honor to use on citations for him so as to realize his potential.

    Thinking in a more short term manner, a 1/5* FE Degra will blow the doors off of your 2/4* L90 Graduation Burnham and be in the mix with your other SCI/ENG crew when it comes to voyages and shuttles. Worst case scenario, his presence will allow you to freeze someone in a slot emergency and not take too drastic of a hit.
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    FlemmingFlemming ✭✭✭✭✭
    Jim Steele wrote: »
    Id probably boot Cardasian Kira, Shelby and Jennifer Sisko. I'm planning to push for him by virtue of the fact I already have him 4/5* so kinda want to push for his last star. Hopefully I can get him in the first phase to be actually useful.


    *looks frantically* Where is her card? Did I miss that announcement? *frets*

    (Just kidding, I know you meant "Kelby")
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    Hey Everyone, thanks for the comments, advise and suggestions. The end of my week got real crazy real quick and I didn't even got a chance to play on Friday. Wound up doing very poorly in the Faction half of the event. Didn't even make it to 100k points.
    I almost think there was a bug with one of the 3 seater Faction missions. I failed the same mission 6 times in a row with over 90% on each one. While completing almost every other mission. Thank God I had a lot of resources and chronitons piled up.

    As for the crew space issue.
    First I sent the oh so desperate Teresian Kim for a cold walk in space. Then I got a lucky crew drop from a voyage and was able to Imortalize Rakal Troi and lock her up in storage. Then, not wanting to make any hasty decisions I froze for the first time ever Prospero Data(who I use all the time and am going to need to unfreeze). Section 31 Georgiou followed pretty quickly since I decided to start a second one seeing as how there giving us a bunch in the campaign. Figured I'd lock up the F/F and trade her for a 3/4 version of herself. That made enough room for me to add General Martok and Katra McCoy who had been sitting in overflow, along with space for Laas and a couple of defrosted Dominion crew.
    Yesterday I finally had time to Grind a bit and now I have Degra sitting in overflow. Yeah!!!
    There's space for him once I refreeze the last dominion crew but I think I'm still gonna boot Kelby off the ship. I have enough Jury Riggers to complete the 10 tier reward, but for a F2P like me 25 is probably going to be out of reach.
    I still feel like floating Maquis Ro, and I'm a little surprised now one advocated ditching her. She's got 0 collections and I can't imagine her being event crew again for a long time.
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    I would have said human q - he was my next to go until I dropped 2 more copies of him during voyages so he’s 3/4* and on a reprieve!
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    Synthetic CommanderSynthetic Commander ✭✭✭✭✭
    Maquis Ro is a legit option because of her terrible stats and it feels like she was event crew not TOO log ago. Most of us would try to keep a 3/4 if we can and airlock a 1/4 instead, but I think if you're choosing main cast 1/4 (or otherwise special crew) to keep and consider airlocking Maquis Ro that's not a bad option.
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    He’s still a solid Eng/Sci powerhouse and even with only two skills and few traits I use him all the time in Voyages. I highly recommend Degra if you’re lacking in strong Eng and even if you want to just bolster your Sci crew. Plus he fits into TWO Collections!
    Weirdly enough, I’m also Vulcan Housewife. Also, RNGesus hates me, like really, REALLY hates me.
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    LaastQnicornLaastQnicorn ✭✭
    edited May 2019
    I'm finding my 1*, level 50ish Degra absolutely great in the arena. YMMV but my current ship build is half boarding damage, half insta-damage, and is workable at my lowish position in the rankings.

    Picking out some names that stand out to me:
    • 3/4 lv99s: keep; bite the bullet on an honour citation if you're desperate for room, but really just hope for a lucky voyage or even dabo spin. Really I'd say the same for any purple crew you've taken the time to level and equip, though these days I only start levelling those I have at 3/4 (unless needed for node unlocks or something else. Hi, Kilana). Note that your total number immortalised counts for an achievement (free dil!), so collections aren't quite everything. That's also a reason to go back every so often and immortalise common and uncommon crew to boost that number.
    • Ash Tyler: I've had a lot of use out of him at 4/4. His traits are surprisingly useful for voyages and will unlock you a few nodes.
    • If you're using Wesley in the arena that's a perfectly valid reason to keep; I haven't found him very useful for daily use otherwise. A couple of useful traits, esp Prodigy - but Icheb also has that, and will add to your Borg collection. (I didn't use Icheb very often after immortalising him, and he ended up in the chiller fairly quickly. YMMV.)
    • Celebratory Ash is rated very highly in the Big Book for the following reasons: good voyage numbers early game, decent on event shuttles, and the many Discovery events that have given him more standing than he'd otherwise see. Plus, quite pretty in flowers, if pilots are your bag.
    • Marshal Q is meant to be great. Hang on to him unless you want to give him to me. ;)
    • We might see Dixon Hill in an event rerun soonish - specifically, if they rerun The Big Sting. And he crops up in a couple of other events as event crew, plus a bonus for every event featuring other Picards. Also, I just really like him. It's a shame he doesn't count as Hologram.
    • I get a LOT of use out of Human Q. He has very competitive ENG and the Desperate trait comes up surprisingly frequently on voyages. I could be a little biased - my screen name is a reference to him.
    • KEEP Graduation Michael Burnham. She's fantastic. I've had her a long time and she's still among my highest SCI, even with some legendaries in the mix.

    Some less highly-rated names in there:
    • Icheb, as mentioned, may be useful to you early and mid game and will get you a valuable Borg collection pip, but you'll eventually freeze him.
    • Galen is seen as awful, but I'm very fond of him. Not seen many Picards with high SCI and he's been useful on this last Picard event.
    • The opinion of Taresian Kim when he first came out seemed to be that he's dreadful, so I don't think you'll regret having sent him on a spacewalk.
    • I'm fond of Mirror Jennifer because she was one of my earliest purples immortalised, but she never sees the outside of the freezer.
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