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Revamp Ship Ability Initialization Times

I feel it's time to address crew whose ship abilities take too long to initialize. Realistically, anything beyond 6-8 seconds is disadvantageous depending on what they can do, but some take so long their ship is destroyed before they're ready to do whatever it is they do. There are presently thirty crew who take longer than 12s.
Mirror Beverly Crusher repairs 30% ship damage but after taking 20s to do it, she better be able to put back together the entire ship and all the parts of its crew floating in space. She's tied for the longest initialization time with, believe it or not, 1* Investigator Odo who...adds +1 to Accuracy. That's his entire contribution to your ship battle. Awesome.

I'm not asking everyone be cut down to 3s and inflict 500% instant damage. I totally get the need to balance strong ship abilities with weaker stats elsewhere, or stronger stats elsewhere with weaker ship abilities. But twelve to twenty seconds? That's not a reasonable balance. Plus, a lot of these culprits are the older crew that forum members have been begging to be made relevant again somehow. A reduction in initialization time could go a long way toward renewing interest in those favorite crew who have been rendered obsolete.


  • NivenFresNivenFres ✭✭✭✭
    Maybe not reduce the timer, but increase the abilities, add a high risk/high reward to the long timers: higher repairs, higher bonuses, etc. e.g. 12-16 second initialize, but you get a 40-50% hull repair.
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  • AandraaAandraa ✭✭✭
    I would fix this in another way. I would 3x or maybe 4x all ships hull, so u cant just 1hit everyone with a 6s 300% dmg crit. In this way every crew with 8s+ became more valuable.
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