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"Replicator farming"

~peregrine~~peregrine~ ✭✭✭✭✭
I know crew slots are dear, but I am thinking of using the free ones from First Contact Day 2022 to set up a "replicator farm", as suggested in this old thread:


Anyone have suggestions for specific crew to use for the items in that OP? Thanks in advance. 🖖
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    ~peregrine~~peregrine~ ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2022
    0* holoprograms
    0* medical experiments
    0* Science Experiments
    2* Science Experiments
    0* ancient films
    0* Dominion PADD
    0* gagh
    0* orchids
    0* bloodwine
    2* security codes
    0* translation algorithms
    1* hyperspanner
    0* medical lessons
    0* encoded communique
    0* case files
    2* blood wine
    2* science lessons (4 x 0* science experiments)
    3* science lessons (8 x 0* science experiments)

    3* and 4* versions of some of these items would also be useful, as well as generic items that they craft into, e.g. toolboxes, covert contacts, etc.
    "In the short run, the game defines the players. But in the long run, it's us players who define the game." — Nicky Case, The Evolution of Trust
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    Good topic.

    I'll go in-depth. It may seem fussy what I do, but it's free drops for tough items, and it makes use of absolutely worthless gold crew that's otherwise taking up space. Mileage for you ... senior players will vary.


    My setup:

    The only 0* items I currently replicate are Subcutaneous Transponder and Quantum Oscillator because they drop only from expensive away missions with low chance. Gravitic Calipers (hot glue gun) is another "rare basic" item, however it's farmable during skirmish from a good space mission. I use tanked shuttles, Skirmish farming, or cadet missions for pretty well all other 0*.

    I most commonly use replicator mules to farm 1* and 2* faction-only items. My list is currently 1/2* Holoprograms, 2* Science Experiment, 1* Tactical Alert, and 1* Security Codes.

    I also have mules for very common finished items that take multiples of Away-mission only drops, and other pain in the **tsk tsk** things. 3* Champagne, 3* Engineering Lesson, 3* Social Lesson, 3* Psych Eval Holoprogram, 3* Tequila, and 3* Single Pot Whiskey. These can also be used to replicate their constitutent components.


    For what specific crew:

    I used to use junk purples, but as they begin to drop in multiples and roster space gets squeezed, I will eventually freeze them and need to shop around for a new mule. So to reduce effort, I prefer to utilize crappy golds that are permanently taking up room, instead. I can't recommend specific ones because everyone's roster is different.

    However, the chart at the top of each STT wiki item page is great for finding crew who need the standalone items. If you don't have any crew that needs, say, 1* Security Codes on its own, you can also see what these base items are used to craft in terms of equipment.

    So for example: If you go to the page for Security Codes you can also see they go into the generic equipment 3* Covert Contacts. Click onto THAT page and you'll see all the crew who equip that, many to pick from.


    One final note, you can decide whether to leave the crew equipment slot level-locked, or not.

    If you don't level your crew and leave the equipment slots locked, you can replicate as many as you wish, and also you can access the constituent components to replicate them as well.

    However, locked equipment won't drop from Gauntlet streak/coffer rewards, and won't appear on the Dabo table. If you like to use Dabo and Gauntlet for extra farming opportunities, you can level your crew up to where the + appears. At that point you can't use the replicate feature, but they'll pop up on those other rewards, even if you already have multiples of them.

    For really key pieces, it's fair to have two mules, one with a locked equipment slot, and another unlocked, to maximize this.
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    JhamelJhamel ✭✭✭✭✭
    I remember that "GI Chakotay" had a nice build at Level 0-10 (first tier) that needs basic film rolls and basic holodecks, and I have also kept some crew for "replifarming", it's very good to do that when you have nuffin but a muffin to level up.

    The basic "Laser Scalpel" item is also very hard to get, and the basic TNG PADD also (only two missions yield them, and each of them costs at least 12 chronitons). Another basic item that's insanely hard to procure is the "Bajoran PADD" with super bad drop rates even though the mission doesn't cost many chronitons. Another one is the basic "Subcutaneous Transponder", terrible drop rates.

    To sum it up: Laser Scalpel, Bajoran PADD, TNG PADD, Subcutaneous Transponder
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