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Make the Universal Chat Nicer.

I am so tired of seeing people coming into the UC and pretending to be someone that they aren't and then say abusive things live in chat. The UC could really use a live moderator. But if you really aren't willing to consider that you might think to add a report button along with the mute or block that will flag the chat for review and have it moved to the top of supports job pile. I would like to point out however a moderator could easily revoke UC chatting privileges possibly first offence warning second 3 day ban and third offence permanently banned from UC. However that does not protect fleet chat either. So a report button would probably be more effective if you could have it reviewed within a decent amount of time so the actions can be stopped easily and quickly. I know chat is not something you really want to prioritize. But honestly Recruiting for fleets or just waiting for timers to reset people will wander in to see what is being said if not to chat or ask questions about the game. I am sure you don't want players abusing other players. I believe personally a live moderator could handle reports and moderating the UC to be a nicer place for every player to use when and if they choose.


Please consider this, and much thanks...


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    We had live mods in Talk City 20 years ago. Worked great, you signed in as a moderator and cooperated with other mods (such as when one left another would take over). When it got abusive you could boot a user from chat and they were gone for 24hrs. Should not be hard to do technically, just need someone with the will to make it happen. Of course, no money in it so "it's something we are looking into", but not really... :/
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