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Fleet Boss Battle Questions That Have Probably Already Been Answered

I have the following questions. I'm not finding what I'm looking for in literally hundreds of posts in the main feedback thread, but that doesn't mean it hasn't already been addressed.

What does the green dot signify? I thought it might note who had unlocked a node, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Why does the crew generator sometimes show I don't have any active crew (weirder still that they say "owned") with a featured trait when I definitely do? I don't have screenshots for this one, but it's self-explanatory and I assume others already know what this is.

Are combinations limited to the remaining pool of lit up traits or can a trait appear in more than one node combination? I forget what the particulars were, but we've had at least one instance where it turned out someone unlocked that last node with a trait that was already grayed out.

I know about the Vedala problem and traits being in circulation because of the vault before being in circulation, but is there a known issue with combinations being built around crew who don't even exist at all? Our last node in one chain in the current Hard battle is Bartender plus two more traits from the following pool:
Pandronian (no Bartenders)
Aenar (no Bartenders)
Obsidian Order (no Bartenders)
Gambler (Bartender Quark)
Saboteur (no Bartenders)
Hunter (no Bartenders)
Romulan (no Bartenders)
Klingon (no Bartenders and holy damn, can you imagine?)
Starfleet (no Bartenders)
Communicator (Fierce Guinan, Michael Sullivan)
There are only eleven Bartenders in the game. Only Convergeance Day Quark has two from that pool (Communicator and Gambler), and he--like five others out of the eleven existing Bartenders--is a 5*, ineligible for this difficulty level. What gives?


  • The green dot seems to indicate who unlocked the final node of a chain.

    There is a bug when a trait appears twice but has only been used once both are greyed out.

    For the bartender node this is probably what has happened. Can you check if any traits are there twice but have only been used once?
  • Travis S McClainTravis S McClain ✭✭✭✭✭
    Thanks for getting back to me, @guest_672224450686978 . I still don't get the green dot business. In my provided screenshots, the two players credited in the first one for unlocking nodes are myself and a player whose name I've erased with an Uhura avatar. In the second, the only one of us with a green dot is another player with a Tilly avatar. It's not terribly important to me, but I am still fuzzy on what it means.

    As for the Bartender, I can't say for sure what happened. I think a fleetmate filed a support ticket explaining the situation and had it manually resolved for us. This would all be considerably easier if we could ever get back up to full capacity. I lament the days when I could fill a vacancy within minutes. It's been two+ years of us failing to even hit full capacity.
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