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Revamp Rewards Table

The Problem
The reasoning behind rolling over the rank reward 5* to featured crew in the following week's event was that it made little sense for us to compete for a top reward that would lose its event value the moment we earned it. The rank reward 4* has continued to be an existing crew member, however. Players who already have that existing 4* are left either competing for the 5* or not bother beyond a minimal level. This has contributed to the ennui many of us have felt. I've gone whole months at a time ignoring the rank table altogether, and often not even bothering to clear solo thresholds. Or, at least, not bother making it a point to do so. It's an all-or-nothing scenario and frankly, we're often left choosing nothing.

So here's my idea: Make the new 4* the rank reward and have them roll over the same as the 5* rank reward. This creates incentives currently absent for event participation and competition that gives us older players a reason to bother beyond threshold-and-out.

As for newer players, they have the chance to earn a 3/4 in either model. Under the current system, an existing 4* in circulation via the portal/retrieval/voyages could fall in their lap prior to an event. But in order to finish fusing that 4*, they have to rely on ranking high enough to earn those stars that the rest of us don't need or care about at all under the current model. Making the existing 4* the threshold reward gives them the achievable goal of at least finishing that 4* on their own. The rest of us then ignore the solo thresholds instead of the rank rewards. So what?

Here's the kicker: Add community rewards to all events, with last week's new 4* replacing this week's new 4*. This way, there's always a reason at minimum to compete enough for a 3/4 rank reward and participate at least enough the following week to unlock that 4th star. True, this gives players one community reward 4* with no event value in the week in which they're unlocked, but it does make them a payoff for the previous event.
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