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Reruns: the future of inbetween Megas?

Kim_Novak.IIKim_Novak.II ✭✭✭✭
We've had 3 back-to-back reruns. Hardly any enticement to play. No winning faction either?
I can understand that the layoffs mean that there is gonna be a lack of new material but so soon? Wouldn't there have been stuff done already?
So is this what we can expect moving forward? Galaxy after galaxy once a mega has finished? Just let those chrons pile up as you already have all the crew & there is no point going for the legendary reward - WHEN THERE is one?


  • Travis S McClainTravis S McClain ✭✭✭✭✭
    One thing I think might make them more palatable is if they pick from events where the then-new crew are not yet in the portal. Galaxies are awful for at least two reasons: 1) community rewards mean we already had a crack at immortalizing the 4*'s and 2) they're, y'know, Galaxy events. Faction and Skirmishes, however, which only offered 3/4's of the new crew and schematics in the case of the latter, are still appealing to me. Here are the non-mega faction and skirmish events that ran in 2022 after the last portal update:
    • 7/14-18/22 "Beacons" (5* Doctor M'Begna, 4* Boreth Pike, 4* Chief Engineer Hemmer)
    • 9/22-26/22 "Never Meet Your Heroes" (5* Esteemed Tom Paris, 4* Fanboy Boimler, 4* First Contact Barclay)
    • 11/24-28/22 "Varied Tales" (5* Adult Rukiya, 4* Queen Neve, 4* Trevis)
    • 7/7-11/22 "New Expansions" (5* Barge of the Dead Torres, 4* O'Brien at the Conn, 4* Flustered Jett Reno; 3* NX-Class Ship, 4* Kovaalan Ship, 5* Xindi-Aquatic Cruiser)
    • 7/21/25/22 "Boogeyman" (5* First Officer Una, 4* Lt. Commander Ortegas, 4* Commander Uhura; 3* Galaxy Class Ship, 4* Gorn Raider, 5* Pike's U.S.S. Enterprise)
    • 9/1-5/22 "Joyride" (5* All-In Owosekun, 4* Lt. Commander Ron Docent, 4* Age of Sail La Forge; 3* Terran Empire Constellation Class, 4* U.S.S. Vancouver, 5* Captain Proton Rocket Ship)
    • 11/3-7/22 "Never to Return" (5* Ixtana'Rax, 4* Commander T'Pol, 4* Croden; 2* Jem'Hadar Fighter, 4* U.S.S. Thunderchild, 5* Jem'Hadar Flagship)
  • Kim_Novak.IIKim_Novak.II ✭✭✭✭
    II think that might be a double edged sword as many will immortalize the best crew.

    Again being a double edged sword, I would like to see older reruns instead of very recent ones to complete crew that are just laying around & there are much more important ones that need retrieving/citing?

    Even better, do crew that were in packs & not in the portal
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