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¥ulcan Science Academy [¥SA]

Donak [¥SA]Donak [¥SA] ✭✭✭
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Hello 😀.Im Donak Prime, head of the faculty.The Academy welcomes players of all lvs. A friendly, chatty and competitive fleet you will enjoy 😀.
Try us !!

Only 3 rules for new recruits .

1: wear the Academy flag [¥SA].
2: join a squadron.
3: be active minimum once every 3 days.

For those of you who have a life, no problem !! Just pm me and we will make sure your place is kept in the fleet while you soak up the sun on Risa !!!

Thank you 😀.
Donak Prime : head of the faculty.


  • Donak [¥SA]Donak [¥SA] ✭✭✭
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    All classes at the Academy are full !!
    Please check back again or leave your name here to be put on our enrollment list . Thank you 😀. Donak
  • I am Vice Admiral Spock of the ¥ulcan Science Academy. Come join the friendliest, most helpful, very active and competitive fleet in the game!!! We are very chatty and have a tremendous amount of fun as we enjoy playing the game!!! We have support for all levels of play. Come join the best fleet ever!!! Check here for Academy openings and leave your name for our enrollment waiting list. Hope to see you soon!!!
  • Looking for a fun but competitive fleet? Come enroll in the ¥ulcan Science Academy!!
  • Donak [¥SA]Donak [¥SA] ✭✭✭
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    Academy has space for 2 new students !!! Come join us !!
  • f4cdzxdjqmcn.png
  • Just one spot left !! Apply today.
    Leave a message here.
  • Come apply for Academy training! We are an active & chatty fun fleet! Enroll today!
  • Want a friendly and competitive fleet, come apply at the Academy! Come join our family!
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    Hello. I messaged you in game. I am interested in joining the fleet. :)

    -brandon (just made an account to post and still getting it set up)
  • Hello Brandon! I am the Vice Admiral. How are you?? Have you been in a fleet before?
  • I'm so glad you have shown interest in applying at the Academy! Do you play solo or have you been in a fleet? I look forward getting to know you at the Academy. ☺
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    I have been in a fleet with a few RL friends until now but they all stopped playing so Im basically playing solo now.

    I haven't been in an organized fleet before.
  • Would you like to give our fleet a try? I think you will like it! I sent a friend request to you & I can send an invite too!
  • Just pm me on the game. Looking forward to having you join us
  • Thank for choosing the ¥ulcan Science Academy 😀. My name is Donak head of the faculty. Let's get you a tour of the Facility 🤓..
  • The Academy now has one place available!! Enroll today 😀😀. Fun friendly and active fleet .
  • ¥ulcan Science now has 1 spot available !!! Leave a message here if interested . Thank you 😀😀
  • Hello! I'm interested if the spot is still open. My in game name is Cap'n Penguin :)
    "Ma'am is acceptable in a crunch, but I prefer Captain." - Janeway to Kim, "Caretaker"

    "The road from legitimate suspicion to rampant paranoia is very much shorter than we think." - Picard to Worf, "Drumhead"
  • Hi penguin .😀. Thank you for choosing ¥SA . I'll contact you in game .
  • The Academy Is now full !!
  • The Academy is recruiting again . Only 1 spot is free and they never last long !!!
    Looking forward to hearing from you 😀😀
  • The Academy is full . Check back later for possible openings !! 😀
  • A spot has opened up !! Leave a message here . But be quick 😀.
  • Full again !!
  • We have a space open 😀. Contact me for details .
  • Academy is closed now for applications!!
  • Currently looking for 1 more player . Come join us !!
  • Come join our amazing fleet! Only one opening! They are rare and go very quickly! You want a fun and competitive fleet?? Apply at the Academy right away! Hope to see you soon!!
  • It will be filled in no time
  • 1 spot to fill at the Academy !! Come join us .. a perfect mix of casual and hardcore players and lots of laughs !!
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