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Suncoast has an opening! Top 50 fleet, Starbase max level

edited April 2019 in Fleet Central
There is an opportunity for an active captain to come join our friendly fleet!

SunCoast is a fun but competitive fleet with members from all over the world, we have a good chat as well as a Line chat group set up where there is loads of useful information posted up pertaining to various parts of the game and links to outside sources of information as well as good banter. Although all members are encouraged to join the Line group, it is not a requirement.

We regularly reach our daily targets for honour and chroniton bonuses meaning an extra 570 honour and 100 chrons a day.

Our Starbase is currently at level 133 and will be at maximum level in the next week or two.

We regularly rank in the top 50 in events and have some healthy competition within the fleet.

Between us we have a wealth of knowledge about the game and are willing to help out anyone with tips and advice on any aspect of the game.

We're a fairly laid back group, we know everyone has lives outside of the game that take precedence. That being said we do have a couple of rules that we like all members to follow.

Ideally members will be daily players but we allow 3 days of no game activity before we drop anyone unless prior arrangements have been made with an officer, everyone goes on holiday or gets ill and can't play for a week and that's fine as long as we know.

All members should join a squadron, full squads get more event points and more event points get more rewards.

There are certain chat subjects that get left at the door, we generally don't talk religion, race or politics. A little light chat on these subjects is tolerated but they have the tendency to cause arguments.

We generally look to recruit players over level 40 but if your close to that speak to me, we may be able to work around it.
Essentially we just like to have fun while at the same time being competitive, if you're a like minded player then get in touch either on here or in game (my name is Cranky [SunCoast]). Let's have fun!


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