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Need Help with 5* Legendary

Hey Everyone, I'm trying to figure out what to do with my Honor. Is it best to use honor to upgrade and existing 5* or go for a new one with a Behold? I could be wrong, but upgrading doesn't effect Guantlet, right? Does it have any effect on Voyages? Here are the current Legendary I have:

Borg Queen 2/5
Dark Ages McKoy 2/5
Gangster Spock 2/5
Mirror Regent Worf 2/5
T'Kuvma 2/5
Changling Founder 2/5
Locutus 1/5
Bartender Guinan 1/5
Sulan 1/5
Age Sails Crusher 1/5
Kahless 1/5
Chan Gowron 1/5
Enterprise E Picard 3/5
Frank Hollander 3/5
Mademoiselle 2/5

Thanks for the help!!!



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    It's a tough call as both of your 3/5 legends are sub par in the current meta ff. Frank Hollander has a decent ship ability but his sec is 1066 (anything under 1.2 is sub par imho). So if you need a decent admiral ship ability and are hurting in sec go for that.

    Guinan, sulan, and kahless are awesome for voyages but need to be ff. That might take you half a year or more. You have decent enough gauntlet legends I wouldn't advise going for a legendary behold. I have been lucky in the past but last time I did one I got a choice between grilka, scotty, and duelist torres. I was not happy.

    It's all about what you need to fill holes in your crew. If you plan on getting the other 2 t'kumva rewards he would probably be the best choice for 1 citation. He has decent gauntlet stats and his base is comparable to franks.
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    Data1001Data1001 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yeah, I agree with DaYng1 -- get your other two copies of T'Kuvma from the final two weekends of this mega-event, then use your citation to FF him. I mean, yes, you could do the double-up offer (if you get it), but this way you'd save $25. And it's a very nice feeling to finally immortalize a Legendary (I assume he'd be your first).

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    T'Kuvma is the answer. But Kahless might surprisingly be good for voyages (albeit without any uncommon skills). Borg Queen is good too.

    Also: fusings do not affect gauntlets, but they do affect voyages, shuttles, and mission clears.
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    Travis S McClainTravis S McClain ✭✭✭✭✭
    Based solely on what you've listed, and without knowing anything else about your crew size or who's in it, my suggested priorities would be:

    1. T'Kuvma, for the reason already given that you should be able to immortalize him by keeping up with this month's mega-event.

    2. Kahless the Unforgettable/Locutus of Borg - Because they aren't in circulation via packs, so you're not going to pull extras of them.

    3a. Frank Hollander - He's in circulation via packs, but yours is already 3/5, and he's turned up in the featured crew for three events already. Plus, Data has been in 4 other events, tied with Kirk and Janeway for the most of any character (7 total events apiece).

    3b. Bartender Guinan - Same as Kahless and Locutus, except you might luck into her again while she's still in the Gauntlet.

    You may also consider just continuing to accrue more Honor until something comes along that speaks to you. They may replace Kahless in the Honor Hall with someone you'll want more than you'll want to add a star to anyone you already have. In any event, I hope whichever choice you make works out for you!
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    Jim SteeleJim Steele ✭✭✭✭✭
    Good advice here, I would probably save the 5* citation myself as pappa smurf/blue klingons artwork is terrible, who knows you might get enough honour for 2 citations whence it becomes interesting when you pull a jammy portal behold and can bang them straight up to 3/5* (or higher). Just a thought? (I did this with Burnham who is now sitting at 3/5* awaiting another 2 citations).

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