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Happy BRO day! Your guide to BROFLEET!

Frank?Frank? ✭✭✭✭✭
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Hi! I’m Frank!
You may know me from such helpful game & forum guides as “Quick Build: The Silent Killer” and “Honor Debt 101: How to Plan for your Cryo-vault”. Today, I’m here to answer some questions you may have about a new word on the digital streets, as well as bring a message of unity:

What is BRO?
Well, if you have heard anything in popular culture over the last few years, BRO can be a negative vibe – one of a frat dude or just slang endearment. Bro is most famously known as the shortened ‘brother’ and carries with it a wide variety of elements of a positive nature.

….a positive nature…that’s a funny concept in this community sometimes. Many of you have been around for 32 months, others a year, and still many have just joined in the last few weeks. Regardless of how long you’ve been a part of our game community, you’ve no doubt seen controversy, distrust and open wounds over the past few weeks. Still, despite whatever overall setbacks that occur, the game and we the community still roll right along.

Last week, a poorly received joke brought the name of the then last-place ranked fleet, Brofleet, to the top of the leaderboard. Comment edited and moderated, it is not necessary to bring up past dramas. ˜Shan

It turns out; Brofleet was a one-man fleet, helmed by Admiral Pance, a level 40 player. Why Pance is in a fleet all to his own is completely up to him – there is no right or wrong answer to that. His Starbase was a level 1, which doesn’t give any benefit and doesn’t inspire for recruiting – but there’s nothing wrong with that. You see, not everyone is going to play this game the same. Not everyone has the same budget, or goals, or endgame in mind. Hell, we all like and dislike different Trek series and films – there’s even people who *like* The Motion Picture – all 562 hours of it. But, just because they like a horrible film, that doesn’t make them wrong. The overall theme to Trek is inclusion – acceptance – and striving to learn more and be better. So when we opened our eyes and saw Pance playing his game, we realized that we are his equals, because we play the same game and none of us are more elite than the next. Pance was a solo BRO, but what he stood for was so much more.
From that was born the idea – something that had NEVER been done, and sounded ridiculously fun! What if we took all the names of players you’ve seen atop the leaderboard, the winningest players and the highest leveled players and the “top” fleets – and put them all in a blender with other players who play their game and play hard within their own merits – blind to VIP, blind to number of shuttles, blind to Starbase level – and form a MEGA fleet for one event – and to honor the name that inspired us all to take an introspective look, we will join Pance and be BROFLEET.

And thus we were born. Names like Sisko and Stones and Rowden and SilverRose and Drake all descended upon BROFLEET and its level 1 Starbase for one glorious event.
After the event ends, we will all return to our fleets and fleetmates, and life will go on. But for just one event, I can say that I played alongside people that I never would otherwise get the opportunity for. It’s like a “We are the World” of Star Trek: Timelines.

“But Frank” – you say, “DB still owes us an explanation on the subject of X” or “Cheating and Macros are very much an issue” or “Something something apple cruise to Dubai”…Well, we agree. Yes, DB has work to do – yes things need to be addressed and answered – yes, cheating and macros and other play against the TOS like account sharing are absolutely going on – but we aren’t DB and we can’t force them to do any more than they are already doing. DB is only so many people – and half of what they were this time last year – so while keeping the game afloat and new content coming every week, they have to solve, on the backend, numerous issues like the Independent Day pack correction, investigating macro usage – the list goes on. Coming to the forums and kicking Shan in the shins doesn’t make things go any faster.

So instead, we are taking the initiative and asking YOU, the dear reader, to join in with us. We’ve asked DB to “Do Better” for two years – now it’s time for us as a community to take our own medicine and do better – we need to be more supportive, helpful and encouraging of each other instead of tearing down players and telling them that they don’t belong, they aren’t elite enough or their opinion doesn’t matter. That’s not the right way to be. The best way to be is to be a BRO.

Someone telling you that your level 49 Starbase isn’t as good as their level 113? I got you BRO.

Someone telling you that you don’t spend anything on this game, so you’re not valued or allowed to sit at the table? I got you BRO.

Someone telling you that your way of doing something in the game is wrong? I got you BRO.

See? It’s not ridiculous or even a cult – it’s just simply a reminder that we are all people and we deserve to treat one another in that same way. Issues can be discussed and hashed out in a civil manner – I’ve seen it happen before – no need to be wild and reckless with behavior and accusations.
So that’s it. Not asking anyone to do anything but be excellent to each other and let’s have fun.
Later my BROs!


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