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Longest Voyage without DIL

AviTrekAviTrek ✭✭✭✭✭
What has been your longest Voyage without using DIL or how long have you gone before needing to refill?

I was able to hit 7 hours once, but mostly I cap out at around 6:30. I'd love to hit 8 hours, but looking at the Voyages estimator, it seems like my stats would have to be a LOT higher to reach that. Have you been able to hit 8? What crew did you need to pull it off?



  • My max non-refill time was about 8 hours, 30 minutes or so... I had to use my best three skill FF 5*s... the problem is that you need such high primary and secondary skills to even have a chance at passing the later hazards, it makes it difficult to get the other skills at a reasonable level so you have enough total AM to fail through to the next dilemma...
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  • [7TW] UnkieB[7TW] UnkieB ✭✭✭✭✭
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    My best without a refill was 8 hours (I recalled right after the 8h dilemma).

  • The max voyage I had without a refill was a DIP/SEC combo and it went 9 hours.

    As previously mentioned, there is a certain point where skills are just failing too often, and as I approached 9 hours even the 10,000+ skill I had on DIP was failing, so I don't see it going any higher as long as stats like MED/ENG and to a lesser degree SCI don't have enough strong crew mixes with the other stats. Right now the ones that last the longest are consistently COM/DIP/SEC featured stat combinations, and that's largely due to an overabundance of really strong crew that combine those stats often. 5 star crew (or really strong 4 star interspersed) across the board pretty much mandatory for reaching the 8 hour mark or longer, and I can pretty regularly hit 8 hours as long as MED isn't one of the featured skills.
  • I've hit 7 once or twice, usually around 6:30 though.
  • 8hs 17 min.
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  • 8hrs 4 minutes 0 seconds [thank you Mr Data :)]
  • My best was a touch over 6 hours and I've only managed that once.
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  • My longest was around 7:30. Most voyages only go to about 6:30 for me, but if one of the skills is DIP or CMD I can usually go a bit longer. Still shooting for 8 without using dil.
  • these are some unreal numbers if we were talking about something else...

    but 8:02 was my best i think.
  • I’ve hit 7:55. So close.
  • KTzKTz ✭✭✭
    Which is more important Gold or Silver skill? Or it's good to maintain a balance between them?
  • IvanstoneIvanstone ✭✭✭✭✭
    I got the 4th dilemma once.

    It was COM/DIP. Both stats were over 9K and I had a really solid amount of SEC at about 5.5K. Starting AM was better than usual as well. I think 6-8 matching crew traits and matching ship trait.

    I got no 4*'s from it though. The next day I had a mediocre 3 dilemma run that netted 3x 4*'s.
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  • I can consistently hit 8 hours and have made it to 10 without a refresh. Past that, it's fail city.
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  • For CardassiaFor Cardassia ✭✭✭✭✭
    KTz wrote: »
    Which is more important Gold or Silver skill? Or it's good to maintain a balance between them?

    Gold is primary (most skill checks), Silver is secondary (second most skill checks). You'll want both to be as high as possible, but the focus should be on Gold, if you're forced to make a choice.
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  • I have had 6 in the 7hr range with the longest being 7h 29m. CMD/DIP with 8248/6214 skill points - total skill points was just over 28,000. Pri/Sec skills were lucky to have 62% of the hazards. I also started with 2925 Antimatter.

    I will usually refill at least once since a bulk of the chrons come after the 6h mark. (10 per loot cache instead of 1 (0-2h) or 4 (2-4h). Definitely worth the 80-90 dilithium for an extra 250-300 chrons (plus additional items).
  • I have had a voyage go for about 7 hours and 20 minutes with 9000+ in Gold skill and 8000+ in Silver skill.
  • 7 and a half hours is my top, that's around 2900 antimatter or so.
  • MagisseMagisse ✭✭✭✭✭
    I've made it over 7 a handful of times, with 7:40 (about) being my Max. But it's highly variable. If the featured skills are bad then I may not even make it to 5 hours, particularly if it's during a shuttle event and my best crew are busy.
  • I just went 7:41 on ENG/SEC before first refresh.
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  • 7:38 With 9345 8268 5374 2323 1801 1513
  • 8:21 is my best on a dip/cmd
  • V.V. ✭✭✭✭
    I made it to 8 hours once and had to quit right there. Usually I go around 7.5 hours unless it's medical or engineering which are 6.5.
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  • i JUST hit my personal record, 9 hours 33 minutes 20 seconds.
  • 8hr plus ... and if the skills are combination of cmd/sec/dip
  • <TGE> Darxide<TGE> Darxide ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2017
    Just over 7 hours, but I’m not able to hit those nutso 10k in the starred skills with 6k in all others like some people except maybe in the case of cmd/dip or maybe with sec, but I haven’t been so lucky, yet. I keep getting ones with eng or med which are just awful and sci is just average and doesn’t really mix well with any other stat except med.
  • My best was a touch over 6 hours and I've only managed that once.

    Reached thAt once. I have had couple of 5:59 and 5:57s reaching 6k with gold
  • 8 hours and 45 minutes before a refresh.
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    8 hours and 39 minutes before 104 dil refresh. I had 10792 primary and 10785 secondary skills.
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    Sorry to say guys but this is all peanuts.

    The players w 40-70 or more gold immortals can go 20-x35x hrs or more without dil. [Correx 20-25 hrs]. Hit 20k or more skill targets And bang 3000+ antimatter. The refills are expensive. The dilithium calculation formula is on wiki. They have certainly earned it with their crew they acquired and deserve every reward they can earn.

    Sorry to break the collective hearts, but I have asked such players and they told me. The rest of us do what we can with our budget play. All is good, I am super duper grateful for everything I earn on voyages.
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