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Player Positivity and Accomplishment Thread

IceCatIceCat ✭✭✭✭✭
I'm interested in getting away from the constant negativity on here as of late.  With that goal in mind, I want to celebrate the things you've been able to do that made for a great feeling of accomplishment or just a positive experience in general.

It could be achievements, like finishing off a collection or all the factions, crew pulls, voyage milestones, event finishes, or any other thing that made you feel like it was a good day in the game.  Literally anything that made you feel excited or happy, while playing the game.

I'll start with a great run of premium pulls I made today.  In a stretch of four pulls in a row, I managed to scoop up:

• four golds I didn't have, including my last needed tier 1
• which included 2 on my next to retrieve list, allowing me to retrieve others next time instead
• also, one of the three remaining purples that I didn't have (that are currently available in the portal)


All in all, a great feeling. These, along with a few other fantastic pulls I've gotten lately, have been pretty awesome :D


I took Ishan Chaye Sisko (also on my next to retrieve list) and Vahar'ai Saru, in case you are wondering.

Now, let's hear yours! 🖖🏼


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    WaldoMagWaldoMag ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2021
    I should also mention in the makeup packs, all the non mega event crew drop of superrare or legendary were beholds. And I did have one that was a megaevent crew.

    Not sure if this was planned or not, but I welcome a change like this.
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    Warrior WilloWarrior Willo ✭✭✭✭✭
    Banjo1012 wrote: »
    Since you asked.....


    That’s some dedication to the game. Congratulations on some fantastic results.
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