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March 2021 Honor Sale Begold Showoff!

EnderWEnderW ✭✭✭✭✭
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Ok, come on people, let’s get to bragging about all the Begolds we got:

Went with Kira; so timely!

Went with Will Scarlitt. Did not realize all these old Worfs have sound bites (got Mirror Worf a few weeks back and loving his).

Duelist Torres. What are you gonna do? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Navigator Stamets.

Finally finishing a card! 😃

Ho boy, this was a hard one but for all the wrong reasons. Decided to go with Palmer because I’ve actually met Mae Jemison (she’s pretty awesome).

Went with Kirk.

Nearly went with Martok but then remembered for a mere $10 more I could get that Spock FF!

Had two other ones I didn’t get pics of: FF’ed Gladiator McCoy and 3rd star for Augment O’Brien. Still have enough for 10 more 40K honor buys, so stay tuned. :)
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    Kudos ÷Ender
    ÷Dr. Claire Finn - Admiral of the Battleship Yamato & Founder of both the Battleship Yamato & ISS Yamato
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    KanonKanon ✭✭✭✭✭
    First round

    10k Behold
    Though choice, I like all 3 cards, I could have added stars to Troi and Mambo Picard (I have the unclaimed gift in my inbox), but I really like that Data (I was thinking of using crew retrieval to get him, now I can use Android to get Juliana Tainer)

    40k Beholds+cite
    Gorkon, because yeah, Klingons!

    Another difficult choice. My premise today was adding stars instead of going for new cards, so I should have picked Data, but I always wanted that Sisko, and that Garak is the coolest. Went with Garak

    That just MED McCoy was tempting, I was just following that thread recently, and I almost picked Chakotay so I wouldn't be sorry if Kortar shows up again, but I went with Immortalized Kortar anyway

    It was Lore or Janeway, this time I went for the second star

    And again, I should have got the 3rd star for Quark, but FOB is miles ahead in stats. FOB, of course.
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    robownagerobownage ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2021
    @robownage (TP - Test your Product)
    But... you could have had Shinzon instead of Burnham. :o;)

    I probably shouldn't joke. The way my day is going so far, I'll wind up with a brutal behold in which he is actually the best choice.

    Honestly, I like Tom Hardy enough that I did (very briefly) momentarily consider it.
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    IvanstoneIvanstone ✭✭✭✭✭
    I was gonna SS but then I forgot:
    Admiral Patrick > Borg Torres and an immortal (10K pull)
    LC Jadzia (now 2/5) > Over people who aren't in collections
    Toque Spock (now 3/5) > Delta Torres and someone worse
    Merry Crusher (now 2/5) > Delta Torres and someone worse
    Juliana Tainer > Over people who aren't in collections and don't have bananas stats.

    If I had a do-over I probably would've went for a 2/5 Delta Torres but I can't predict the future.

    Two costumes. Two exobiologists. One Vulcan. One lean, mean viola-playing machine. No Klingons, Mirror Universe or Diplomats.

    58k Honour left. I'm on the fence about whether I should buy 6x Begolds or 2x Begolds and 1x Citation.
    VIP 13 - 310 Crew Slots - 1055 Immortals
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    ProontProont ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2021
    Day 1:
    Borg Queen
    La Forge
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    EnderWEnderW ✭✭✭✭✭

    Winner winner, chicken dinner. :s

    Hey, don't mock my Kai! :D
    Kudos ÷Ender

    Don't know how I missed this earlier, but thanks Admiral! :)
    Playing Since: 2018-02-26 Level: 99 Fleet: ÷ Battleship Yamato, Squad Leader & Fleet Officer; 17hr, 20min Voyage /wo Refuel; 1508 Immortalized Crew; Highest Event Rank: 8 (God of Thunder)
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    ArnieArnie ✭✭✭✭
    No screenshots:
    Gary Seven 3rd *
    Stranded Quark 1st *
    Interfaced Barclay 1st *
    Mirror Keyla Detmer 2nd *
    Dahar Master Koloth 2nd *
    Narek 1st *
    Away Team Number One 1st *
    Mirror Stamets 1st *
    Gangster Spock 1st *
    Prophet Sarah Sisko 1st *

    No hard choices in any of these. Picked-up some good extra stars for strong crew, and added depth to the roster. Will use the cites over coming weeks as I work out who needs them most!
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    Sven LundgrenSven Lundgren ✭✭✭✭✭
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    WebberoniWebberoni ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited March 2021
    Webberoni wrote: »
    Here is my haul from day-1:
    - Alternate Future Jadzia (2)
    - Falcon O'Brien (3)
    - Obsidian Order Garak (3)
    - Bounty Hunter Mudd (2)
    - Little John Riker (1) --> only beGold with 3 new crew options
    - Prince Bashir (3)
    - Mobile Doctor (4) --> sadly he was fully equipped long before Cheesecake Seven came along
    - Mirror Landry (4)
    - Kortar (5) --> finally immortalized one of the original mega recurring crew
    - Assimilated LaForge (4)

    Another good haul from day-2, though I'm 3000 honor short for my 10th pack:
    - Riker Odan (2)
    - Detective Data (4)
    - Emperor Georgiou (5)
    - North Star T'Pol (1) --> other options were both immortalized
    - Tourist Tucker (5) --> into the freezer for this 2-star champ, to make room for T'Pol
    - Dark Ages McCoy (5)
    - Humbled Archer (2)
    - Prince Bashir (4) --> added stars both days
    - Alternate Future Jadzia (3) --> added stars both days


    For my last ~40k honor I decided to go with the daily 10k beGold (4 crew), rather than a single combo pack (2 crew), since I already have a ton of citations waiting to be used.

    - Dr Hugh Culber (2) --> for a moment I thought I was going to have to take... Grilka!
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